Five-Star Hotel Comfort
Five-Star Hotel Comfort

Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya promises the perfect holiday experience with its Spa & Wellness Area, Hot Water Pools, Beach Pool, Themed Swimming Pools, Ladies-Only Pools, Private Beach, Forest, Aqua Parks, Children's Club and its Adventure Trail!

Ladies-Only Swimming Pools
Ladies-Only Swimming Pools

Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya will offer you the best possible experience ever with its comfortable areas. You can enjoy swimming in the ladies-only pools designed to give women the privacy they may need, in all four seasons.

Themed Swimming Pools
Themed Swimming Pools

An unforgettable vacation awaits you in the pools, each in varying sizes and technological amenities. Make vacationing a part of your daily life by living each day more fun and enjoyable than the last with thematic pools.  From wave pools to zen pools, hot water pools to infinity pools, Sur Yapı Tatil Evleri Antalya offers many different types of pools for a unique experience to remember.

  • Mixed pools
  • Ladies-only pools
  • Children's pools
  • Wave pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Hot water pool
  • Cold water pool
  • Infinity pool
  • Zen pool

Private Beach
Private Beach

The sun, sea, and sand await you in Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya! To enjoy a private beach and take a dive in Antalya's crystal-clear sea, reserve your place in Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya for a four-season vacation experience added with the advantages of a timeshare. You can get to the seaside anytime you wish in spring, summer, and autumn by simply taking our free shuttles.

A Beach Swimming Pool
A Beach Swimming Pool

You won't need to leave Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya for a beach experience as it brings the beach to you at the poolside. Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya reverses the meaning of "beachgoer" as here the beach comes to you in all four seasons with our beachside pool where you'll feel like at the seaside enjoying the warm sand.


Guests of all ages will enjoy the fun that comes from water. The aquaparks will be an all-day-long entertaining experience to remember and a favorite for all family members.  There is no limit to entertainment at Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya, boasting a five-star hotel comfort.

Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness

Shake off your stress and fatigue at Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya. With our unrivalled Spa & Wellness services, you'll have the best skin and body treatments, relieving a whole year's of tiredness in a flash. Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya will quickly recharge your energy thanks to its amenities, including a classical Turkish Bath experience, steam rooms, saunas, phytotherapy saunas, massage therapies by expert hands, fun adventure showers, shock showers for a sudden relief in your body, and unparalleled skin treatments!

  • Classic Turkish Bath
  • Steam Rooms
  • Saunas
  • Phytotherapy Saunas
  • Adventure Showers
  • Shock Showers
  • Salt Rooms
  • Warm Rock Beds
  • Sauna
  • Massage Therapies
  • Skin Treatment

If there is anything better than spending time with your family and loved ones, it's spending time with them in nature.  Take a stroll along the jogging and hiking trails in the nearby forest, and take a short break at a countryside café nestled in colorful flowers for a nice cup of coffee. Sports fields, cycling trails, an adventure trail and many more are awaiting you, our dearest guests.

  • Cycling Trail
  • Walking Trails
  • A Countryside Coffee Shop
  • A Countryside Restaurant
  • Café
  • Adventure Trails
  • Paintball Field
  • Mini-Bowling Field
  • Tennis Court
  • Mini-Football Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Playgrounds
  • Activity Areas
  • Pond
  • Resting Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • BBQ Areas

Children's Club
Children's Club

Your children will love the indoor and outdoor children's areas with loads of fun, of course, under the supervision of experts. Treat your children to a fun-packed summer experience where they will be safely playing and participating in educational fun activities. We guarantee that the smile on their face at the end of the vacation will be worth everything. Having considered all possible needs of families with children at its design stage, Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya also offers many family-specific areas where families can spend quality time together.

Sports Club
Sports Club

You can stay healthy and in shape with exercises and sports activities. To help you with this, Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya offers many alternatives including both individual and group sessions. You can take yoga and pilates classes either at a studio or in the garden. Plus, you can also work with a personal trainer to take your health routine to the next level. You can exercise according to a personal program under the supervision of an experienced trainer in a spacious fitness center equipped with modern workout requirements. You will "exercise for wellbeing" and add to your "wellbeing through exercise" in a friendly environment.

  • Fitness
  • Cardio
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Mini-Football
  • Tennis
  • Studio Classes
Adventure Trails
Adventure Trails

The Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya Adventure Trail offers a different type of experience in a safe environment suitable for guests of all ages. Boasting numerous amenities for fun-lovers, the adventure trail, houses, a high rope course, a zipline, a climbing wall, a free drop, and a giant swing. It's very easy to find yourself an activity to be your favorite in the adventure park's adrenaline-charged atmosphere.